The health care industry participates in risk-bearing, coordinates care models and continues to move away from the traditional fee-for-service (FFS) system. Stakeholders move from volume to value through reform policies, programs promoting operational efficiency, technology use, population health management, wellness, and addressing the social determinants of health.
Investing in exponential technologies to reduce costs, increase access, and improve care
Exponential technologies drive less expensive, more efficient, and more accessible care delivery on a global scale.

A few trends which impact care delivery are:

⦁ Exponentials will reshape health care by impacting areas such as synthetic biology, 3D printing and nanotechnology, and companion diagnostics amongst others.
⦁ Hospitals of the future are built through redefined care delivery, digital and AI technologies, and enhanced talent development.
All of us have families & friends and meet people who ask for help to collect money for urgent treatment care daily (cancer, neurosurgery problem, heart problems, etc.) It’s very hard to see the situation when all money is accumulated but the time is over and one’s life is lost…

We are trying to make change in the health sector.