Win-Win Solution Consulting offers a variety of consulting options to our clients for services that fall outside the scope of regular real estate management.

Win-Win Solution Consulting in depth knowledge of each property under our management allows us to perform these consulting services at a reduced cost to our clients and often saves valuable time for related business partners. We also offer consulting services to entities that may not need or want full service management

⦁ Review of the physical structure and identification of strengths and weaknesses;
⦁ Review of building position within the market currently served;
⦁ Review of existing lease structure and potential lease structure;
⦁ Review of current operation expense and potential revenue structure.

We are providing the following services:
⦁ Provide Lease Negotiations for Real and Personal Property;
⦁ Manage Tenant Relations;
⦁ Provide Group Purchasing for equipment, supplies & services;
⦁ Legal coordination of activities for the property;
⦁ Assist with facility design and renovation;
⦁ Evaluate industry trends and information;
Management of Home Owners Associations Operations and Condo Associations;
⦁ Qualify Prospective Tenants;
⦁ Show Property to Prospective Tenants;
⦁ Value Added – Oversee Tenant Fit-out !