Win-Win Solution Consulting provides a boutique style of advising with a heavy emphasis on customer service, creative thinking and client driven solutions. We help you get the most from your real estate and unlock hidden value.
Having worked in and around estate agency, buying and selling properties and carrying out property renovations and restorations for many years now, I am able to advise on a number of property related issues.

These include:
⦁ Pre-sale property preparation;
⦁ Assistance with planning applications;
⦁ Property dressing/staging advice;
⦁ Choosing an estate agent;
⦁ Buying a property – viewings, surveys;

Renovations, refurbs and extensions – if you don’t need or want project management service, we can provide initial or continuous advice on your home improvement project, be it large or small.

As well our services cover:

⦁ Represent ownership with respect to zoning, entitlements and permitting;
⦁ Oversee all third party consultants on behalf of ownership and direct all meetings;
⦁ Create financial reports for ownership and specified third parties;
⦁ Negotiate all third party contracts on owner’s behalf;
⦁ Identify and bring in joint venture partners when necessary;
⦁ Run project on day-to-day basis until completion of construction and receipt of all necessary certificates of occupancy and other related sign offs.

Real estate investors that want more information before choosing to buy, sell, or refinance and want a data supported decision may consider this service.